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We personalized packages and trips focused on women’s wellness in Spain.

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We offer a dream holiday where you can disconnect and relax





We create the perfect Royal journey for you

Royaldelux is a Wellness Planner Events.
Our specialities are the tailor-made retreats experiences to contact you with the opportunity to transform your free time into a Well Being event of a lifetime.

We are aware that you need time for yourself, and that vacations are the perfect opportunity to take you to a place that get you in that introspective, reflexive and peaceful state of mind, body and spirit.

We offer holistic experiences in Costa Blanca that will help you to achieve the relaxation and the uplift sense of being and feel safe and happy in your skin and in the world you live in.

We present to you our latest outstanding experiences

The experience we do are 100% personalized and are focused on the wellness of women. You can find from coaching sessions, yoga retreats, international trips where you can explore different places and events where the care of women is our priority.

Golf and Coach

Through his teachings you will be able to discover what really motivates you in life, to trust your instinct, to achieve it and to develop the necessary habits to achieve your goals.


Wine tasting

You will have contact with nature, there you can relax and disconnect from the busy world where we live.

We will take you to enjoy a wine tasting prepared by professionals in the sector.


Sea and Coach

We guarantee that in the activities you do in this program, you will find tools that will be useful in every aspect of your life to teach the world the brave and successful woman within you.


Travel sustainably with Royaldelux

The main characteristics of sustainable tourism are to minimize the impact on the environment, while contributing to generate employment and income for the local population. The four principles of sustainable tourism are:

At Royaldelux retreats and trips, we make sustainability part of the guest experience.