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Best 5 plans to get lost in Valencia

El Carmen

El Barrio del Carmen has established itself as the most-renowned nightlife area.In del Carmen there are leisure, shops and culture. You can find many restaurants and places to have drinks, listen to good music and dance.


It´s a new fashionable distric of the city of Valencia. Ruzafa offer a combination of innovative restaurants and bars. It¨s a place for the most alternative spirits. Each day sees a constant fusion of tradition, inter-racial culture, tapas, jazz, rock.


One of the nightlife areas of Valencia is the area of Avenida de Aragón and Paseo de la Alameda. In this area you can find many places and bars, as well as great restaurants to eat. But you will also find places to have a drink and dance, or listen to live music.

The Marina

Next to the sea as the good weather begins, the chicest nightlife experience is to be found the zone and maritime center of the city are concentrated. The seafront bars open their doors to the night.

El Cedro

El Cedro is a young and university area of leisure in Valencia. Located in the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood, around the Plaza del Cedro there are cafés, pubs and concert halls

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