Discover el Campello in half a day

El Campello is a charming town situated on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain, nestled within the Valencian Community. Conveniently located just a short 20-minute tram ride away from bustling Alicante city, it offers a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility and the splendor of the Mediterranean coast.
One of the notable highlights of El Campello is its lively marina and fish market. The bustling harbor buzzes with activity as fishermen bring in their fresh catches of the day, providing a feast for the senses. The vibrant fish market showcases a diverse array of seafood, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culinary scene and savor the freshest produce from the abundant Mediterranean waters.
The iconic tower that presides over the harbor is a historical gem that dates back to the 16th century. Originally constructed as a watchtower to ward off Berber pirates, it served as a crucial lookout point. During daylight hours, smoke signals were sent to alert neighboring towers along the coast of the impending pirate raids. As the sun set and darkness enveloped the coastline, fires were lit to ensure swift communication and protect the town from any unwelcome intruders.
Steeped in centuries of rich history and offering breathtaking views of the picturesque coastline, El Campello stands as a testament to the resilience and charm of Spanish coastal towns. Whether it’s immersing oneself in the vibrant marina or exploring the remnants of an ancient watchtower, this captivating destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage that is sure to leave an indelible impression on every visitor.


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Discover el Campello in half a day