Golf and Coach

At Royaldelux you will have the magnificent opportunity to know and learn the GOLF methodology from Susana Domingo Asensio, expert in Business Coaching.
Carrying out Golf Coaching is an innovative method that is beginning to position itself as a personal growth trend for hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, providing them with extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives. One of the advantages offered by this experience, is that you do not need to have played golf to be able to sign up for this adventure.


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GOLF is a methodology created to make you not only feel that your nature is to Succeed, but so that you live it and enjoy achieving your own challenges and purposes.
Through his teachings you will be able to discover what really motivates you in life, to trust your instinct, to achieve it and to develop the necessary habits to achieve your goals.
What phrases inspire the acronym GOLF?

They are a tool for you to put it into action in your day to day:

  • Generating positive thoughts.
  • Orientating your goals.
  • Level up your optimims
  • Fortify your resources

From a golf environment, you will start seeing how you get closer and closer to your purposes. Dreams are born to make them come true; your nature is to succeed.

Do you want a life full of fulfillment and success?

Golf and Coach