Vermouth time


In Spain, the famous “vermouth hour”; usually takes place between 12 pm and 1 pm, where
they share time with family and friends, this social tradition is made both in Spain and
throughout Europe.

Vermouth time means open aperitif. Vermouth is an alcoholic drink made from wine, water,
alcohol, botanical plants and optionally caramelized sugar, this drink seeks the balance
between sweet, bitter and acid.

On this Tour, you will remember the Old Town, where they will tell you the history behind
those places and you will learn more about the history of the beautiful Alicante. After the
incredibly informative tour, you will try different mixes of snacks and drinks and at the same
time, they will tell you the story of what you are trying.

*Min group of 10 persons.


Date: 03.10.2021

From 11:00 to 13:30 hrs.

Meetpoint: Explanada 1




-Professional Guide
-Tasting the Vermouth

-1 bottle of water

Vermouth time