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Start the year with a different mindset

Start the year with a different mindset

Animate to start the year with a different mindset.

We are starting a new year. 2018 has begun its journey and with it the purposes that almost all people do, but if we do not bring them to fruition and we carry them in our daily backpack, they end up dying in the second or third month of the year.

The habit of having a few minutes for yourself and thinking about how you want to go, is important, especially now that we start the year and that we set out those annual goals that we want to fulfill. Many times it is good to stop running and walking, to stop, stay in the same place and think.

This analysis of introspection is a good habit that we should carry out every so often. It is good in all the senses of our life. Thus we define where we are going and above all, we focus precisely on where we want to go.

That’s why the beginning of the year are beautiful, because they are like a blank book with 365 pages at our disposal to write in them what we want.

Recognize ourselves as women and value what we do every day, it is important to feel better, to face the day to day, with our routines and responsibilities, so that all of that integrated is projected in all the places thout falling into extremes, but where do I start?

  1. Listen to yourself. It sounds easy, but it is not. The hubbub of today’s society (social networks and internet, for example), can prevent us from listening. The silences also tell us a lot.
  2. Learn to say no. How many times do we lower our shoulders loads and more loads and go with walking as if we were carrying a ton of bricks? When we learn to say no, we overcome fears, fears, shame and say yes, only to what we can accomplish.
  3. Think positive. Surround yourself with people, things, colors and everything that helps you think positive. It’s true what they say, positive mind attracts positive things.
  4. The Super-woman, leave it for television series and movies. We are human beings and as such we need rest, we have limits and if we want to function well, we need to relax, eat well, drink water, distract ourselves, meet with friends, enjoy children, house and works tasks, but everything  with moderation , there is a proverb that says excess of everthings is bad.
  5. Believe in yourself. Nobody tells you that you’re not worth it, that no one belittles you or plays with you. To the extent that we give to respect and we do value what we are, to that extent the others respect.
  6. Develop your skills and strengths, but above all, show them to the world. Communicate, talk, show and express your ideas, projects or skills. Maybe some will make fun or laugh, but what difference does it make? If there is only one person to support your dream, it is all you need. If it does not work, at least you have tried. Nothing falls to the first.

Are You starting today? Do you accept the challenge?

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