The big parade of Moors and Christians

Every year, in the colorful and vibrant country of Spain, a magnificent and highly anticipated event takes place: the Big Parade of Moors and Christians. This extraordinary spectacle transports its spectators back in time to the dramatic clash between two cultures. Followingly, resulting in an exhilarating display of history, tradition, and artistry. Historical background The […]

5 towns in Costa Blanca you must visit

5 towns in Costa Blanca you must visit

1. Altea Altea’s landscape offers a truly astounding variety, boasting breathtaking beaches with pristine emerald waters and fine gravel. It is a place where numerous sports can be enjoyed, including thrilling water sports and the opportunity to explore the multitude of paths that traverse the nearby mountains, showcasing diverse ecosystems. Situated in the heart of […]

Among pirates and dolphins, the secrets of the cliffs

Discovering the Mediterranean coast Experience the beauty of the Serra Gelada terrestrial marine Natural Reserve, nestled between Benidorm, l’Alfàs del Pi, and Altea, in a way that can only be truly appreciated from the sea. Join forces with Oxytours and Rumboaltea Charter for an unforgettable guided sailboat pirate tour, where you can immerse yourself in […]