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El Castillo de Santa Bárbara de Alicante, ubicado sobre el monte Benacantil, una mole rocosa de 166 metros de altitud sobre el nivel del mar

Top 3 museums in Alicante

1. Santa Barbara Castle

This majestic Castle is located on Mount Benacantil, where you can see the entire bay of Alicante and its surroundings.

The castle received its name because on the day of its festivity, december 4, 1248 it was captured by Castillan forces led by the Infante Alfonso of Castilla from the Arab.

You will receive a one hour tour with guide who will teach all the anecdotes that occurred in this castle.

The visit will end in the top of the Castle , which offers the most beautiful views over the bay of Alicante province.

Vista general del Museo Arqueológico de Alicante alberga más de 81.000 piezas que muestran la riqueza de la historia de la Costa Blanca

2. Archaeological Museum of Alicante

The archaeological Museum of Alicante, abbreviated as MARQ.

The museum offers visitors the opportunity to find out about the various methods and techniques that are associated with archaeology. These are explained in three galleries dedicated to: Field Archaeology, Urban Archaeology and Underwater Archaeology. Various dioramas, audio-visual presentations and interactives provide visitors with a detailed insight into the techniques that archaeologists use to discover the past. These provide valuable information which is displayed in an attractive and didactic way.

MARQ is divided into various thematic sections which provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy an emotive journey through the local history. On entering the exhibition area, visitors are immediately submerged into the local geography of Alicante and are shown the rich and varied nature of its natural and monumental landscapes. From here the historical journey begins through the permanent galleries dedicated to Prehistory, the Iberians, the Romans, the Medieval Age and the Modern and Contemporary Historical Periods.

3. Volvo Ocean Race Museum

Situated at the port of Alicante’s former maritime station, the Museo transports visitors into a world of entertainment and fun. Using cutting edge technology, visitors can engage with the Volvo Ocean Race through 3D simulators and interactive touch screen panels that explore the history of the race, life on board, marine ecosystems and telecommunications among many other themes. The Museo also plays host to a changing programme of exhibitions that are sure to keep everyone interested.

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