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Vermouth Spain

When is the famous “Vermouth hour” in Spain?

The famous” vermouth hour”; usually takes place between 12 pm and 1 pm, where
they share time with family and friends, this social tradition is made both in Spain and
throughout Europe.

The origin of the “vermouth “
During the dictatorship in Spain the first middle classes appeared, humble families, but
with good jobs, they could afford small luxuries and one of these luxuries was to sit on a
terrace on Sundays after mass to have an aperitif before going to eat.

What do you drink at vermouth time?
Vermouth time means open aperitif. Vermouth is an alcoholic drink made from wine, water,
alcohol, botanical plants, and optionally caramelized sugar, this drink seeks the balance
between sweet, bitter, and acid, the most classic way is to drink it in an ice glass, with or
without a sliced lemon or served in a glass, with a slice of orange and an olive inside, and this drink is accompanied by some chips, some olives, or any light tapa, such as mussels.

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