About Us

There is a queen inside you ready to live the experience of a lifetime. 

Your queen’s crown awaits you on this journey.

Exclusive journeys of reconnection with yourself.

Hi, I'm Rosario

A woman of these times, a friend, a wife, a mother, above all a human being in constant transformation.

My professional path begins with a Degree in Business Administration and a Master in Tourism… I worked for more than 15 years in my own agency in Perú (my country of origin) as a travel agent for the German market. Being Perú a magical and mystical place, it could only be an extraordinary adventure. I was able to experience the powerful energy we transmit to each other, as well as the ability to let go and recharge.

Life has given me the great gift of travel. The eye-opening trips that I have taken have helped me to open my mind, find myself, and to be more grateful for life, people, landscapes, music and good cooking. Since then, it has been important to me to discover a world full of new experiences and to live and fully enjoy the present.

I have lived in Spain for more than 10 years, and it is a fantastic country with breathtaking places like the Costa Blanca. It’s an ideal spot to rest, enjoy the beauty of its beaches. The thing I appreciate the most about this region is its intense luminosity; the natural light follows you throughout the whole year and helps you in the period of transition of personal changes.

On this path I would like to mention that Meditation, Yoga and Reiki have been an essential part of my self-growth. These are excellent fields of therapy that I got to know and to learn throughout the years I spent in Virginia, USA, and I can only recommend them.

Why 'Royaldelux'?

Royaldelux is a holistic tourism company focused on travel for a female audience. Since its creation in 2018, our founder, Rosario Ramón, wanted to impregnate in the name of the brand, a concept that would represent the world’s elite, such as: “Royal” referring to women who throughout history have left a legacy in royalty. Queens, who have inspired society with their character, leadership and courage.

That is why our brand, transferred to the actual world, is focused on executive women, with great responsibilities in their daily lives, who seek to get out of their comfort zone and who are open to living experiences worthy of a royal court in the old continent.

On the other hand, “Delux” refers to its meaning: luxury. We offer an experience totally enveloped by elegance, comfort, glamour and class, the only ingredient to crown this throne is your presence.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you find inspiration in your life to provide yourself with what you need. Be it relaxation, self discovery or taking steps to allow for a change of course in your life, our goal is for you to return home stronger, motivated, and determined, ready to continue your path.

With more than 3 years of experience and more than 150 satisfied clients, you can count on our entire staff to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Royaldelux offers a personalized travel alternative specialized in the well-being and healing of the body, soul and spirit of women.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is designed to offer programs and experiences that allow you to be always present, that you appreciate every little detail that this world has to give you, and that you have a digital break.

This is about of disconnecting from everything that produces noise in your head and just enjoy the place, the moment and yourself.

We seek that, when taking a photo, you keep that image in your heart, that you pause and keep that moment in your soul, remembering the colours, sounds, aromas and emotions that you felt at that moment, as well as when you try a gourmet dish, we want you to enjoy and recognize each ingredient and the affection with which it was made.

At Royaldelux we cannot forget our commitment to respecting nature, promoting the sustainability of the planet, equal sharing of resources and conscious eating.

Our objectives

Satisfied customers.

We bring

· Experience in business.

· Professional and engaged team.

Our Promise