When is the famous “Vermouth hour” in Spain?

The famous” vermouth hour”; usually takes place between 12 pm and 1 pm, wherethey share time with family and friends, this social tradition is made both in Spain andthroughout Europe. The origin of the “vermouth “During the dictatorship in Spain the first middle classes appeared, humble families, butwith good jobs, they could afford small luxuries […]

Start the year with a different mindset

Animate to start the year with a different mindset. We are starting a new year. 2023 has begun its journey and with it the purposes that almost all people have, but if we do not bring them to fruition and we carry them in our daily backpack, they end up dying in the second or […]

The Cavalcade of three kings in Alcoy/Alicante

The history and significance of the Three Kings arrival in Alcoy The arrival of the Three Kings is the most anticipated event for children throughout the year. It even is a Tourist National Interest Festival. Moreover, it has also been declared an Intangible Asset of Cultural Interest, attracting thousands of visitors to Alcoy annually. The […]