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The Cavalcade of three kings in Alcoy

The Cavalcade of three kings in Alcoy/Alicante

The arrival of the Three Kings is the most waited appointment by children along all the year round. A Tourist National Interest Festival and also declared Intangible Asset of Cultural Interest, it brings every year thousands of visitors to Alcoy.

Its continued celebration dates to 1885, though his documentary precedents go back to 1866. It is undoubtedly, one of the most ancient Cavalcades of Three Kings of all those they are celebrated in Spain and probably, in the world. Each year, Alcoy Town Hall holds a competition for the best Poster announcing the arrival of the Kings, and the winning entry is posted on the facade of the Town Hall building.

There are three acts that make up the Cabalgata de Reyes Magos de Alcoy, two are previous and the third and most important is the ride itself.

The Sunday before the 5th day, in the morning, the first of the acts is called “Les Pastoretes” or Las Pastorcillas, the feast of the epiphany, children dressed up as shepherds parade with their flocks to give gifts to the new-born Baby Jesus.

From then on, the excitement builds steadily until 4 January, which consists of receiving the Royal Ambassador who will announce the arrival of Their Majesties the Kings of the East.  He is accompanied by “les Burretes”, small donkeys that carry letterboxes where the children put their letters to the Three Wise Men.

And the main event, The Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos of Alcoy, is celebrated from 6 pm on January 5 with a duration of almost 4 hours.

The great moment arrives: the Three Wise Men make their spectacular entry into Alcoy, riding camels and loaded with presents. They ride through the streets of the town, following “antorcheros” (torch bearers) who light up their way. The atmosphere fills with Christmas carols, and the royal pages (“els negres”) hand over their presents to the children. They use wooden stepladders to climb up to the balconies and windows of the houses, filling this unique night with magic.

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